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Laurie Ann Ulrich: Trainer, Instructional Designer, Documentation Specialist, Writer, Graphic Artist.

What’s with the “Limehat” anyway?

Limehat & Company‘s name was inspired by a childhood taunt involving a corduroy plaid hat.

I’m Laurie Ann Ulrich, owner/CEO of Limehat & Company (and survivor of the aforementioned hat).

The “& Company” is an always-evolving pool of trainers, designers, project managers, marketing experts, and graphic designers.

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We can help you train your staff, from on-boarding new people to deepening the skills of your most veteran players.

We can also help you to enlighten your customers, to attract more donors and volunteers, to share your vision.

That’s what we do, and we’d love to do it for you!

Understanding is everything.

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Our first conversation – in person or via web conference – is free, always. Because no endeavor ever succeeded without people understanding each other.

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We specialize in training & instructional design.

As instructional designers, trainers, and courseware producers, we specialize in helping people become more creative, effective, and efficient in their use of computers and software.

And if you’re a business owner or HR director, you know the cost of training far exceeds the cost of educating your staff. The cost of not training your people is quantifiable in terms of turnover, lost hours due to ineffective or insufficient job skills, and the inertia created by low morale.

We also develop courses and materials for “soft subjects”
business and personal communication, personal enrichment, or to
master any skill needed to become or remain viable on the job or in the job market.

We use the “latest and greatest” tools to develop video and interactive training and testing materials, as well as print materials to support students after class. By tailoring the instruction provided to meet the specific needs of each student, not only do students learn more, they remember – and, best of all, use – more of what they’ve learned.

We create technical, educational, & marketing materials.

Organizations that regularly engage in training – for everything from new employee orientations to sales techniques to business and computer skills – retain their efficient, creative, enthusiastic staff for years longer than firms and non-profits that try to save money by hoping people can learn and grow on their own.

Every organization needs people to survive, whether the organization offers products, services, or information. Traditional, proven marketing and training techniques are just part of the picture when it comes to building your brand, improving employee productivity, or sharing any message you may have.

Limehat & Company offers a wide variety of tools you can use to inform, enlighten, and motivate your customers, prospects, employees, customers, donors, or volunteers.

Whomever you need to reach, we can help you make the connection.

Do you need to get your staff up-to-speed on – and to generate enthusiasm for – a new software application? A new product or procedure? Do you need help orienting new employees fresh to your organization? Do you need to let your clients know about a new service, location, or a big change in how you do business?

Are you trying to get the word out to prospective customers about your organization? At some point, every business says “Yes!” to any or all of these questions. We can help you realize these goals by creating:

Web-based content you can share information and ideas with anyone, anywhere, to give your message global impact, utilizing a variety of tools and technologies.

Electronic, online, and print materials for group seminars and training sessions.

Self-paced online tutorials your employees and customers can view on their own schedule.

Promotional Online Videos allow you to give a simple link to your employees, donors, or customers, giving them access to empowering learning and efficiency-enhancing tools.

If you need to present your ideas at a seminar, convention, trade show, or in-house training event, we can help you develop a compelling demonstration.

We develop online and live presentations with text, graphics, video, online content, and sound — enabling you to tell your story in a way that captivates the audience and helps them retain your message. If you’ll be doing the presentation live, we can help you develop a great script and dovetail your live interaction with an impressive electronic presentation for an effective experience your audience will learn from and enjoy.

We produce videos for training, sales, and enlightenment.

Self-paced learning is fast becoming the method of choice for people who want to learn new software, programming languages, or any technical topic. These methods also work well for any procedure that someone wants to master – from cooking to gardening to writing effective business communications. Whatever you want to teach someone, we can design and build effective, interactive, self-paced tools for the job.

These are just a few of the options available to you. We can develop training content using virtually any technology, to be delivered in any format that works for your staff, your volunteers, your students – anyone you need to enlighten and inform.

Our solutions are effective, informative, and economical.

We’re here to help.

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